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Branded Bank Accounts

Global Payments

Branded Cards

Payment Processing


Security & Compliance

Branded Bank Accounts

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With Alviere Branded Bank Accounts, you can offer your customers a more relatable, exciting and accessible banking experience from you, a brand they already love. Our ready-made products plug and play into your existing systems, so you can start building new banking revenue streams and brand loyalty in a matter of weeks.

Global Payments

Global Payments featured cover image

With Alviere Cross-Border Payments, offer your customers a way to send and receive money worldwide, enabling them to move money across 100+ countries. Enhance your business offerings by building new revenue streams from foreign exchange and transaction fees.

Branded Cards

Branded Cards featured cover image

With Alviere Branded Cards, provide your customers with branded, debit, credit, gift or prepaid cards they’re proud of. Our physical and virtual cards also come with rewards and loyalty programs that can be customized to different consumer segments.

Payment Processing

Payment Processing featured cover image

With Alviere Payment Processing, provide more flexible and efficient ways for your customers to make transactions. From lightning-fast withdrawals to seamless fund transfers, you can expand the way your customers make payments, while expanding your bottom line.


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With Alviere Crypto Exchange, effortlessly provide your customers with the ability to buy, sell and store any and all cryptocurrencies through your platform. Deliver digital wallets that appeal to customers all around the world, and easily accept payments from all around the globe.

Security & Compliance

Security & Compliance featured cover image

With Alviere Security & Compliance, implement risk-management solutions that proactively protect you and your customers from theft, fraud, chargebacks and more. With high-tech security that meets all compliance regulations, you can provide more services with greater peace of mind.

All of our products are safely managed 24/7 — offering unmatched security for you and your customers.

  • PCI compliant badge

    Fully Compliant with PCI Standards

  • Fraud & Risk Management

  • SOC1 & SOC2 compliant badge

    SOC 1 & SOC 2 Certified

  • Advanced AI/ML Security Algorithms

Our products don’t just create a better brand experience for your customers — they unlock new growth for your business.

  • Create New Streams

    In a matter of months, the addition of financial products can add revenue streams that can spike profits.

  • Fuel Brand Advocacy

    Generate more revenue by boosting brand visibility, allowing people to interact with your business in more ways than one.

  • Retain Loyal Customers

    Create more reasons for your customers to stick with your business, increasing customer lifetime value.

73% of brands would like to offer embedded finance.
85% of brands see great impact on customer retention.
90% of brands see great impact on revenue.

Low investment.
High ROI.
Endless upside.

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