Upgrade your business results by offering customers branded bank accounts.

Branded Bank Accounts

Branded Bank Account Products

By offering Alviere’s cutting-edge financial services directly to your customers, you will benefit from increased revenue and customer engagement.

Branded Bank Accounts

FDIC-insured bank accounts from a business your consumers can trust: Yours.

With Alviere doing all the work behind the scenes, none of the heavy lifting, logistics or responsibilities fall onto your lap.

Treasury Management

24/7 access to the most accurate, real-time view of where every dollar is in your accounts, at any given moment.

Early Payroll

Employees can access paychecks earlier with automated payroll advances, awarding the type of financial flexibility people value the most.

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Branded Bank Accounts

Starting is more straightforward than swiping a card and more secure than a class 3 vault.

  • Effortless Onboarding

  • Low Investment

  • FDIC Insured

World-class APIs promise results at speed.

var John = http.Client.Post("https://api.alviere.com/v1/accounts", {
   ExternalID: "n99pt0XvvA",
   PersonalInfo: {
       FirstName: "John", 
       LastName: "Doe", 
       EmailAddress: "john-doe@example.com"
   PrimaryAddress: {
       Line1: "Av. Americas", 
       Zip: "10013", 
       Country: "US"

var transaction = http.Client.Post("https://api.alviere.com/v1/ledger/promo", {
   ExternalID: "aKodftMWqK"
   Destination: John.Uuid,
   Amount: 10000

if transaction.Payment.Result == "SUCCESS" {
    // Account credited with promotional funds successfully