Add revenue and unlock invaluable customer insights.

Branded Cards

Branded Card Products

With branded debit and prepaid cards, you can earn a share of usage fees and better understand where and how customers are using their cards.

Branded Debit Cards

Customized or white label Mastercard and Visa Debit cards to represent your brand. Offer the safety and convenience of debit card transactions in addition to added incentives, like cash-back reward programs, to retain customer interest and reinforce brand loyalty.

Branded Credit Cards

Issue your customers customized or white-label Mastercard and Visa Credit cards to represent your brand. Offer credit cards as closed-looped or open-looped and create spending incentives like cash-back rewards programs and special offers to retain and reinforce brand loyalty. Creditworthiness and limits are determined during the onboarding KYC process.

Branded Prepaid Cards

Create prepaid cards for one-time or multiple use, which can also offer cash-back rewards — delivering a great budgeting tool that generates revenue whenever the card is used.

Gift Cards

An effective ROI option that expands brand awareness and revenue flow, we’ve made it easy to produce custom-designed gift cards with preset values and expiration dates.

Incentives (Cashbacks & Boosts)

Access incentivized reward programs that allow customers to save while spending. With Cashbacks, consumers receive a percentage of money back from their purchases. With Boosts, promotional funds are awarded to consumers to support merchant-specific spending.

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Branded Cards

Starting is more straightforward than swiping a card and more secure than a class 3 vault.

  • Effortless Onboarding

  • Low Investment

  • Fraud & Risk Management

World-class APIs promise results at speed.

var Url = "" + John.Uuid

var JohnCard = http.Client.Post(Url, {
   ExternalID: "n99pt0XvvA",
   ProductID: "gift-card-1234",
   InitialBalance: 1000

// Get our newly created card rendered image
return JohnCard.CardImage