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Enable Global Payments

Alviere’s global payment system stands alone in the market today, offering the only embeddable product to pay, collect and transfer funds in over 100 countries.

International Payments

With compliance and regulatory protocols handled on our end, you can provide a fast, safe and economical way to send money around the world to friends, family, a bank or business in over 100 countries and currencies.

Cross-Border Remittance

Our low-cost exchange rate option provides an economical way to send money to people, friends and family in 100+ currencies worldwide.

Seamless Payments

We offer a cost-effective way to make instant person-to-person payments across borders, in countries where we operate.

Fair & Reasonable Fees

Our low transaction fees lets you pass on the savings to your customers, while offering a lucrative way to extend your business into new global markets.

DX is UX. Developers are users too.

Elegant APIs means faster delivery and fewer bugs.
var Remittance = http.Client.Post("", {
   ExternalID: "aKodftMWqK"
   AccountUuid: John.Uuid,
   Destination: {
       FirstName: "John", 
       LastName: "Doe", 
       Address: {
           Line1: "Av. Americas", 
           Zip: "10013", 
           Country: "CA"
   Amount: 10000,

if Remittance.Result == "SUCCESS" {
    // A new cross border remittance has been sent

Rest Assured

Inherent to all our products are the most advanced risk management tools on the market today that work proactively to assure compliance, authenticate and protect customers, while identifying and blocking fraudulent transactions.

Compliance at products core
Know Your Customer

Innovative real-time KYC for identifying, screening and verifying clients. Our KYC solution includes adverse media and sanctions screening to protect from criminal activity on all accounts.

Biometric Verification

Our selfie with liveness detection tools provide unparalleled effectiveness to offer secure customer onboarding and prevent fraud.

Integrated AML engine

Our proprietary Anti-Money Laundering engine is customizable and ensures compliance in every application with real-time detection of suspicious transaction patterns.

Case Management

Essential to any financial service, we built case management functionality into our platform--so you don’t have to, offering reporting on compliance and fraud prevention for your records and audits.

Fraud Prevention

Our machine learning models leverage predictive tools that continually monitor patterns to deliver the highest AI-security in real-time to manage risk and prevent fraud.

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