Expand your customer’s reach to the ends of the earth.

Global Payments

Global Payment Products

Leverage Alviere’s global payments network to offer your customers the ability to send and receive money seamlessly to over 100+ countries and currencies worldwide.

Cross-Border Remittance

Our low-cost exchange rate option provides an economical way to send money to people, friends, and family.

Currency Exchange

Instant person-to-person digital wallet payments across borders.

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Global Payments

Starting is more straightforward than swiping a card and more secure than a class 3 vault.

  • Effortless Onboarding

  • Low Investment

  • Fraud & Risk Management

World-class APIs promise results at speed.

var Remittance = http.Client.Post("https://api.alviere.com/v1/remittances", {
   ExternalID: "aKodftMWqK"
   AccountUuid: John.Uuid,
   Destination: {
       FirstName: "John", 
       LastName: "Doe", 
       Address: {
           Line1: "Av. Americas", 
           Zip: "10013", 
           Country: "CA"
   Amount: 10000,

if Remittance.Result == "SUCCESS" {
    // A new cross border remittance has been sent