A platform built for limitless payment opportunities.

Payment Processing

Payment Processing Products

Accept payments and move money with cutting-edge, easy-to-use API-based financial technology.

Card Processing

Enable your business to accept debit and credit cards with increased insight, ensured security, and a real-time view into your business’s revenue.

Bank Transfers Processing

Alviere supports accepting ACH and EFT payments — directly from bank accounts.

Instant Deposit & Withdrawal

Enable your customers to immediately access their money via debit card after depositing it to their account.

Mobile Check Deposit

Let your customers deposit checks anytime, anywhere with mobile deposit.

Cash Loading

Offer your customers the ability to load cash to their account at several convenient locations and select ATMs.

Direct Deposit

Offer your customers the ability to deposit salaries and other money transfers directly into their branded bank accounts with ease and peace of mind through bank transfers (ACH).

Check Deposit

Remote deposit capture technology enables customers to deposit paper checks virtually through electronic imaging, essentially anywhere.

Check Issuance

Permit customers to send physical checks to any beneficiary, including check fulfillments and mail return management.

Real-Time Payments

Offer customers live fund verification and instant settlement between bank accounts, eliminating the typical 1-3 day processing time.

Wire Transfers

Instantaneously transfer funds between bank accounts, removing the usage of a clearing house. Funds arrive more quickly without the 1-2 day processing time.

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Payment Processing

Starting is more straightforward than swiping a card and more secure than a class 3 vault.

  • Effortless Onboarding

  • Low Investment

  • Fraud & Risk Management

World-class APIs promise results at speed.

var CardToken = http.Client.Post("https://api.alviere.com/v1/tokens/cards", {
   ExternalID: "n99pt0XvvA",
   AccountUuid: John.Uuid,
   Card: {
       Pan: 4111111111111111, 
       Exp: "08/28", 
       SecCode: 123

var transaction = http.Client.Post("https://api.alviere.com/v1/payments/card/debit", {
   ExternalID: "aKodftMWqK"
   Token: CardToken.Uuid,
   Amount: 10000,
   Currency: "USD",
   AuthType: "AUTHCAP"

if transaction.Result == "SUCCESS" {
    // Bank card debited for $100 successfully