Reinventing the
partnership paradigm.

The best partnerships are built on trust.

  • Every Step

    The foundation of success is always mutual, so when our clients are successful, we’re successful. And that’s not a singular event; it’s an ongoing process starting at the moment we connect. We are there every step of the way.

  • Full Transparency

    The best business decisions are rooted in knowledge and mutual understanding. We supply you with the details and continuous information you need to ensure a smooth and seamless experience with our platform.

  • Total Collaboration

    We combine our collective knowledge and creativity with your brand’s goals & values to deliver groundbreaking solutions that transform business management and provide a roadmap to long-term success.

Why Alviere Bouncy spiral arrow

We believe the best indicator of a good partnership is a proven track record of success.

With extensive experience working with enterprise brands worldwide, Alviere’s team has always been on the cutting edge of technological implementation.

  • 10+
    years of experience in financial services
  • 20+
    years of delivering enterprise software
  • 40+
    years of combined experience in developing technology

Equip your brand with the most trusted tools and future-ready technology.

Our best-in-class security and compliance are essential to your success. That’s why we built our platform on a foundation of integrated cutting-edge technology.

  • AI and ML

    Our proprietary, AI-powered monitoring system ensures a safe and compliant operating environment.

  • Ledger

    Our proprietary ledger is proven to track every transaction on our Hive platform with lightening-fast speed and nano-accuracy.

  • Identity Verification

    Whether it’s fingerprint ID or facial recognition, our state-of-the-art identity verification tools keep your customers safe.

  • PCI & SOC 1 & SOC 2 Certified

    Advanced certification at the highest level ensures your data and assets are protected & secure.

No risk. Enormous rewards.

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  • Minimal Investment

    When you work with Alviere, we don’t let costs get in the way of your profitable revenue potential. With minimal upfront fees, our business model is built on the philosophy that we don’t make money until you do. This gives you a faster path to implementation, with no real downside.

  • High Returns

    Embedding financial services directly into your brand allows your business to realize new income potential in a variety of ways. Whether you’re capturing revenue from interchange fees or providing services that increase customer retention and lifetime value, your bottom line can benefit with Alviere’s state-of-the-art platform.

  • Retain Loyal Customers

    The idea of offering financial services directly to your customers can feel overwhelming, but that’s where Alviere comes in. From onboarding to compliance and security, we do all of the heavy lifting, so your business doesn’t have to invest a lot of time and money bringing our world-class platform to life.

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We’re in the business of empowering your business.