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Our mission

Taken from the Latin word Alvaere meaning beehive, our name represents the foundational nature of the financial services platform and services we offer as well as our deep dedication to collaboration, harmony, efficiency and results.

How we care about the advancement of technology, and finding the best ways to use it to further the profitability of our clients and the retention of their customers.

This has been our relentless pursuit since the beginning. And today this passion lives as Alviere, and the Hive, our single-integration embedded finance platform available today to businesses of every size and sector, worldwide.

We make embedded finance easy and secure for you

We designed our proprietary and transformational, AI-based identity, fraud management and risk reduction technologies to let you be your own hive of financial services to your customers.

Through streamlined global financial system access and governmental regulatory compliance, our robust APIs and sophisticated SDKs give you the power to rapidly deploy FDIC-insured bank accounts, branded debit, prepaid and gift cards, cross-border remittance, and exchange fiat and crypto currencies.

Most of all, we’re excited to talk to you

About how our off-the-shelf, plug-and-play package of embedded financial services can transform your business. With ease. At speed. And with absolutely no risk to your business.

The power behind our platform

What makes our financial systems platform so trusted and reliable? The group of committed, creative and credentialed industry veterans behind it. Together, our founders and leadership team represent over 40 years of experience in the technology and financial services sectors, every moment of which has been, and continues to be, applied to our partnership with you.

Our Investors

Media Kit

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Let’s take the next step.

Connect with us — we’re excited to get you started.