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Our mission

About Us

Taken from Alvaere, the Latin word for beehive.
This symbol of productivity, industry and cooperation inspires our work ethic and the platform we built that enables any business to offer valuable financial services to their customers.

It wasn’t easy enough, so we launched Alviere.

The world of finance, banking, fraud and risk regulations presents challenging barriers that make storing or moving money around time consuming and complex.

Our goal was to open up the economic opportunities, to create effective and easy-to-use tools that would remove third parties and empower business to have ownership of the means for storing, sending and receiving money locally, and globally.

It took over 2 years to create Alviere. The work was harder then we could have imagined. We persisted when people told us to just give up. In the end, using the most innovative, state-of-the-art technology we built an extraordinary platform that makes enabling financial services simple, failsafe and available to anyone.

We’re here to advance your business into the future.

We believe embedded finance is the next phase of business innovation that delivers increased revenue, strengthens relationships with customers, and provides future-generations of business growth.

So whether you’re a communications company, a gaming company, an online boutique or grocery store, a non-profit or a fan organization, whether you make racecars or farm equipment— any business can benefit by offering valuable financial services to their customers.

Most importantly, we’re excited to talk to you

Let us guide you through our off-the-shelf, plug-and-play package of embedded financial services, and show you how it can transform your business, with ease, at speed, and with absolutely no risk.

Alviere Media Kit

Media Kit

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Included Resources
  • Alviere Logos

  • Press Realese PDF

  • Founders Photos (JPEG)

  • Management Bios (PDF)

Let’s take the next step.

Connect with us — we’re excited to get you started.