B2B Payments

Pay suppliers instantly with accounts in one payments ecosystem

Improve operational efficiency by establishing a global financial ecosystem for payments across all suppliers, contractors, or partners. Create and control a B2B Payments Ecosystem to drastically reduce costs, speed up settlement times, and fully control funds via the Alviere Proprietary Ledger.

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Bypass bank-to-bank transfers when funds flow account-to-account

Bypass bank-to-bank transfers when funds flow account-to-account

How it works

  • Each supplier opens an Account with your business — a white-label financial service embedded into an existing ERP, website, or app.

  • Suppliers receive a Branded Card with all the same capabilities as a traditional debit card to manage and spend their money.

  • Your business deposits Payments for goods or services to the supplier's new Account. Instead of waiting days for bank transfers, funds settle instantly.

  • The supplier immediately sees funds in the Account, and uses the Branded Card to make purchases, or initiates Global Money Transfers.

  • Your organization eliminates bank fees, keeps suppliers satisfied through fast payments, and earns interchange revenue with every swipe or tap of the debit card.

Why Alviere for B2B Payments

Reduce costs

Eliminate traditional bank fees by moving money from account-to-account within a singular payment ecosystem. Money movement between accounts in the ecosystem may not incur any cost.

Settle instantly

Get faster access to accounts receivable, improving operational efficiency and optimizing cash flow. Transactions processed via accounts in your global payments ecosystem settle instantly.

Control funds

Take full control of your funds by tying up less cash for liabilities. Your business can reconcile ecosystem payments in real-time, allowing you to hold onto cash until the moment an invoice needs to be paid.

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Enterprise client reduces annual fees by 50%

A large pharmaceutical distribution company offered financial accounts and services to its clients through a traditional bank. Leveraging its substantial bargaining power with suppliers, the distributor can offer the same suite of financial services with Alviere. The company creates a B2B Payments Ecosystem with client and supplier accounts managed through one digital ledger. The flow of funds from clients to suppliers is optimized, reducing annual fees paid to banks by 50 percent and greatly increasing customer satisfaction.

The Alviere HIVE platform makes adding B2B Payments a reality

Through proprietary technology and a robust ecosystem of partner integrations, the HIVE platform simplifies the complex process of launching and managing financial services. The financial capabilities in the B2B Payments Ecosystem solution include:

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White-label financial solutions for enterprises worldwide.

Alviere enables your organization to offer financial products to customers, partners, and employees. A comprehensive platform, commitment to security & compliance, and dedicated client partnership set Alviere apart.