Virtual Cards & Disbursements

Disburse funds through virtual cards

Organizations paying insurance claims or issuing rebates allocate resources to coordinate, expedite, and track funds. Disburse payments through the Alviere HIVE platform to reduce costs, speed processing & settlement, and gain access to enhanced first-party data.


Issue virtual debit cards for instant disbursements

Issue virtual debit cards for instant disbursements

How it works

  • When a customer is notified that they qualify to receive funds, they choose a preferred payment method from ACH, paper check, virtual or physical debit card, among others.

  • Virtual Branded Cards are sent to the customer instantly from your e-mail campaign, existing website, or app. Or, they receive physical cards.

  • The new Branded Card is used for Payments anywhere Visa or Mastercard are accepted. The customer also has the option to transfer funds to another financial account.

  • Disburse additional funds to the card throughout the claims or rebate process with full control and visibility into the flow of funds.

Why Alviere for Disbursements

Increase digital payouts

Skip the physical processes by offering digital disbursement options, including deposits to bank accounts or instant, prepaid virtual cards with automated delivery through an app, e-mail, or text.

Speed processing & settlement

Send payments and make funds available 24/7 without being tied to traditional bank hours. Customizable, instant payouts integrated into your existing products and services keep customers satisfied in the last mile of claims settlement.

Obtain enhanced first party data

Access a unified portal to see where, when, and how customers are spending their money. Leverage insights from this first-party customer spending data to customize offers, improve marketing, and augment customer profiles.

The Alviere HIVE platform makes adding Virtual Cards & Disbursements a reality

Through proprietary technology and a robust ecosystem of partner integrations, the HIVE platform simplifies the complex process of launching and managing financial services. The financial capabilities in the Virtual Cards & Disbursements solution include:

Orbital wave rings

White-label financial solutions for enterprises worldwide.

Alviere enables your organization to offer financial products to customers, partners, and employees. A comprehensive platform, commitment to security & compliance, and dedicated client partnership set Alviere apart.