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Alviere empowers non-financial brands to easily provide financial products to your customers.

Increasing customer lifetime value and deepening insights with a full array of future-proof financial services.

Branded Bank Accounts

Enable automated instant payouts for your hosts.

Global Payments

Readily send & receive money across the globe.

Branded Cards

Reward programs with features your customers will love.

Payment Processing

Fully holistic payment options convenient for anyone, anywhere.


Enable fluent cryptocurrency exchange across any virtual marketplace.

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Put the power of embedded finance in the hands of your brand

73% of leaders are implementing in the next 6 months
90% of brands see great impact on revenue
91% of consumers are ready for brand-forward financial services
  • Create New Revenue Streams

    Expand what your business can do for its people through card issuing, bank services, cross-border commerce, and payment processing.

  • Fuel Brand Advocacy

    Spark more passion with endless ways customers can interact with your brand and show it off.

  • Retain Loyal Customers

    Position your brand as an undeniable financial resource, serving customers beyond the usual purchase cycles.


Redefining the partnership paradigm.

At Alviere, we believe a prosperous partnership is an integral part of your growth and success. As your brand’s trusted partner, we offer:

  • A low-investment, low-risk business model that’s built on the understanding that we don’t make money until you do.

  • Collaboration to extend competitive turn-key solutions that custom fit your business needs.

  • Operational tools and 24/7 support to create best-in-class customer experiences, so you have end-to-end peace of mind.

  • Top-notch enterprise software management and experienced expertise.

  • Deep experience in marketing financial products for better rollout and adoption.

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Steven Scofelia
Luis Trujillo
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Wes Schmidt
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Doug Lemon

The power behind our platform

What makes our financial systems platform so trusted and reliable? The group of committed, creative and credentialed industry veterans behind it.

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And you can do it with no risk.