Cross-border Remittances

Launch cross-border remittances to 100+ countries

Give customers or employees an easy, reliable way to send money abroad. Enable cross-border remittances with the white-label Alviere HIVE platform to increase customer loyalty, enhance financial access, and build new revenue streams.


Offer remittances through one platform

Offer remittances through one platform

How it works

  • Each customer opens an Account with your business, a white-label financial service embedded into an existing portal, website, or app.

  • Customers fund the Account through electronic transfers on a mobile app, cash loading and check cashing inside your store, or direct deposits from a paycheck.

  • The customer sends money anywhere from the account app. Global Money Transfers can be sent directly to a bank account or picked up as cash in 100+ countries.

Why Alviere for Cross-border Remittances

Increase customer loyalty

Give customers more reasons to come back to your brand, app, or store by integrating cross-border remittances into the existing customer experience. Each time they deposit, manage, and send funds is a customer engagement opportunity.

Enhance financial inclusion and access

Provide access to international remittances for unbanked and underbanked customers, with 200+ countries and document types accepted for identity verification. Integrated remittance capabilities cultivate global connectivity and increase interaction with your existing products and services.

Build new revenue streams

Earn revenue on all cross-border remittances and currency exchange with customized interchange, transfer, and foreign exchange (FX) fees. Customers’ everyday use of financial services can yield new, sustainable revenue streams.

Global Money Transfers case study image

Coppel Access enables cross-border remittances from the U.S. to Mexico

Mexican retail giant Coppel wanted to grow revenue by increasing the share of U.S.-Mexico remittances sent to their locations in Mexico. With Alviere, they launched the Coppel Access mobile wallet in the U.S. with a debit card, international money transfer capabilities, and cash deposit options. Coppel now controls the international remittance customer experience, from senders in the United States to recipients in Mexico, increased store visits at 1,250 stores, driven by cash pickup, and earned revenue from financial transaction fees.

The Alviere HIVE platform makes adding Cross-border Remittances a reality

Through proprietary technology and a robust ecosystem of partner integrations, the HIVE platform simplifies the complex process of launching and managing financial services. The financial capabilities in the Cross-border Remittances solution include:

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Alviere enables your organization to offer financial products to customers, partners, and employees. A comprehensive platform, commitment to security & compliance, and dedicated client partnership set Alviere apart.