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Alviere rolls out the HIVE to assist companies worldwide offer financial services

Alviere has launched The HIVE - a plug and play, single-integration software platform that streamlines and automates the delivery of a broad array of financial products and services.

Alviere is a financial technology company based in the US and Portugal that aims to be a hub for any financial products and services via its technology suite. The HIVE is powered by a high-velocity ledger, as well as an AI-based fraud protection and identity management engine.

The platform provides customers with API access to its technology on which businesses can launch their own branded financial offerings while leveraging Alviere’s expertise in finance and its partnerships with financial institutions and technologies.

Alviere was co-founded and is led by Yuval Brisker and Pedro Silva, two enterprise software veterans, who have built and sold a B2B SaaS company to Oracle. According to the official press release, Alviere is available for deployment across the US and Canada and will be expanding by year-end.