Promotional Gift Cards

Fund virtual or physical cards just-in-time

There’s a better way to issue promotional gift cards that won’t tie up millions of dollars in the short-term budget for incentive programs. Issue physical or virtual cards through the Alviere HIVE platform to improve cash flow and even earn revenue from card use.


Tie up less cash with just-in-time (JIT) funding

Tie up less cash with just-in-time (JIT) funding

How it works

  • Each customer receives a Branded Card, with your business controlling the imagery and communications aligned to the incentive program.

  • Physical cards are mailed and delivered to customers. Or, virtual cards integrate into an existing app, website, or email campaign for instant access and reduced costs.

  • As the customer spends, funds are disbursed from a parent account just-in-time instead of upfront. If a portion of the card never gets used, keep the breakage.

Why Alviere for Promotional Gift Cards

Make marketing dollars go further

Just-in-time (JIT) funding for promotional gift card programs. Allocate money on-demand when the card is actually used by a customer, rather than upfront, to improve cash flow.

Create new revenue streams

Issue open-loop cards that customers spend anywhere, then collect interchange revenue on every card tap, swipe, or purchase. Work with Alviere to cut out the middleman so promotional cards become a source of revenue, not just a cost.

Capture customer spending data

Access first-party customer spending data to see where, when, and how customers buy with your company and everywhere they shop. Use the insights to optimize marketing, spot spending patterns, and offer personalized rewards to drive loyalty.

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Dish Network frees up millions in cash with just-in-time funding

Dish Network relies on promotional gift cards for its customer acquisition and retention programs. The traditional way of issuing gift cards required the company to fund the cards up-front, tying up millions of dollars. With Alviere, a parent account funds each customer’s card the moment it is swiped or tapped. This enables Dish Network to hold onto cash longer. Plus, when there is breakage and the customer doesn’t spend the full amount on the card, the company — as the card issuer — keeps the funds.

The Alviere HIVE platform makes adding Promotional Gift Cards a reality

Through proprietary technology and a robust ecosystem of partner integrations, the HIVE platform simplifies the complex process of launching and managing financial services. The financial capabilities in the Promotional Gift Cards solution include:

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White-label financial solutions for enterprises worldwide.

Alviere enables your organization to offer financial products to customers, partners, and employees. A comprehensive platform, commitment to security & compliance, and dedicated client partnership set Alviere apart.