Save Now, Buy Later (SNBL)

Offer recurring deposit accounts for large purchases

Customers planning for a trip, new appliance, or major car service shouldn’t go into debt to make their purchase a reality. Flip the script by offering Save Now, Buy Later (SNBL) accounts through the Alviere HIVE platform to increase loyalty, become an ally for financial wellness, and fund future incentive programs.

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Enable recurring deposits for customers to Save Now, Buy Later (SNBL)

Enable recurring deposits for customers to Save Now, Buy Later (SNBL)

How it works

  • Each customer opens an Account with your business – a white-label financial service embedded into an existing portal, website, or app.

  • Customers receive a Branded Card with the same capabilities as a traditional debit card to manage and spend their money, including the option for direct deposit from payroll.

  • When the customer deposits to the Account, your business could match a set percentage to help reach the savings goal and purchase faster. Matches or cashback rewards are funded by interchange revenue or yield earned on the account.

  • The customer checks savings goal progress regularly in the app. They receive a push notification when they reach it and they’re ready to buy.

Why Save Now, Buy Later (SNBL)

Increase engagement & loyalty

Ensure customers choose your business by making it easy to financially prepare for their purchase. As they consider where to buy from next, your brand is already top-of-mind. And, they can continue using and accessing the account beyond a typical purchase cycle.

Become an ally for financial wellness

Engage customers who may not qualify for credit options, enabling them to easily save for their next purchase. Customers don’t need a credit check or certain credit score to open an account, plus they won’t take on burdensome debt.

Fund incentives through yield

Expand loyalty offers with interest-bearing Save Now, Buy Later (SNBL) accounts to top up any contributions your customers make. They save for their goal faster, which means your business can realize revenue sooner.

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AutoPayPlus incentivizes future vehicle maintenance with recurring deposits

With only 13 percent of car buyers maintaining their vehicles at the dealership where they bought their car, AutoPayPlus set out to drive customers back to dealers for maintenance. Through the Alviere HIVE platform, they launched the AutoPay+PERKS program to issue closed-loop, reloadable debit cards that could be used toward future vehicle maintenance. Each dealership can tailor rewards, with a boost for every deposit a customer makes in their AutoPayPlus account toward future vehicle service.

The Alviere HIVE platform makes adding Save Now, Buy Later (SNBL) a reality

Through proprietary technology and a robust ecosystem of partner integrations, the HIVE platform simplifies the complex process of launching and managing financial services. The financial capabilities in the Save Now, Buy Later (SNBL) solution include:

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White-label financial solutions for enterprises worldwide.

Alviere enables your organization to offer financial products to customers, partners, and employees. A comprehensive platform, commitment to security & compliance, and dedicated client partnership set Alviere apart.