Embed Any Financial Product Into Your Business. Easily.

Alviere’s one-stop-shop software service empowers any company to become a financial institution. Without the headaches of being a financial institution.
Providing branded FDIC-insured bank accounts, debit, pre-paid and gift cards, cross-border currency exchange, risk + fraud prevention and more, Alviere makes embedding any financial product into your business as simple as plug & play.

The HIVE Platform

The HIVE platform is architected in a platform-agnostic technology stack that can easily be deployed in any geography, any country and any regulatory framework. At the HIVE's core is an advanced, robust, high-velocity, ledger, with a proprietary AI-based fraud protection and identity management engine.

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Alviere Trust is the central banking platform in the HIVE. It enables Alviere clients to deliver powerful banking products to their customers whether they're consumers or businesses.

FBO programs Services
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FDIC Insured Accounts

Alviere provides FDIC-insured bank accounts through its banking partners so you can provide full banking services to your customers. Alviere manages all day-to-day activities of the banking program, so our clients focus on further extending their brand.

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Stored Value Accounts

Alviere provides e-wallet / stored value accounts through its banking partners. This means any customer of yours can store money in an e-wallet and easily transfer it from e-wallet to e-wallet. Alviere manages all day to day activities of the program, while our clients focus on their business.

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Direct Deposit Bank Accounts

With Alviere's FDIC-insured and stored value account services, you can provide your customers with a bank account to directly deposit their salaries, giving you another touchpoint, promotional and revenue opportunity.

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Alviere Confidence provides the full spectrum of payment processing services, easily and fast. From ACH, to lightning fast withdrawals through Push-to-Card all the way to an innovative International Cross-Border currency exchange and send to anywhere in the world.

Payment Processing Services
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Card Processing for Merchants

Alviere provides debit and credit card processing services for both low and high risk merchants in the e-commerce space. If you need to accept online card payments for a business, we’re here to help.

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ACH / EFT Processing

ACH / EFT processing can be provided to any Alviere FBO or Card program client in the U.S. or Canada. It can also be provided to medium to large businesses, Fintech’s and financial institutions that have a need for ACH or EFT processing services or technology

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Fast Withdrawal

Push to debit is a payment transaction pushed to a business or consumer debit card. In the Mezu App use case we called it instant withdrawal. This is a payment transaction type that can be provided to any business that needs an instant and immediate alternative for mass payouts. The push to debit service can also be provided on behalf of financial institutions for re-selling purposes who are interested in selling this payment type to their customers.

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Cross Border Payments

Alviere supports cross-border payments of funds with configurable fee schedules and high margin returns in the supported geographies. This service can be provided to consumers and businesses using the Alviere ledger, and completely integrated to Identity Management and Payment Processing features.

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Cashier’s Checks

Alviere supports sending and tracking of the end-to-end fulfillment of cashier’s checks that can be sent to consumers and businesses.

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Alviere Empowerment enables our clients to easily issue global branded debit and pre-paid Mastercards, enhancing brand loyalty and dramatically increasing bottom line revenue.

Card Issuing Services
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Debit Cards

Issue branded physical and virtual Mastercards on a Debit BIN for wider acceptance.

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Prepaid Cards

Issue branded physical and virtual Mastercards on a Prepaid BIN for higher interchange revenue and special use cases.

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When it comes to money, and money transfer, there is nothing more important than safety and security. Alviere safety ensures clients, business and consumers peace of mind with the most advanced AI-powered tools available today.

Identity and Fraud Management Services
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AI/ML Module

Alviere’s FBO, card issuing and payment processing services leverage an end to end fraud prevention solution that runs on supervised and unsupervised artificial intelligence / machine learning (AI/ML) modules while leveraging proprietary tools and customizable rules and algorithms for further customization - providing real-time risk scores and workflows on accounts and transactions.

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Operational support

Alviere’s experienced risk management and fraud prevention team provides our clients all the support necessary to implement and manage the day to day activities of their fraud prevention program.

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AML Monitoring

We provide real-time AML transaction monitoring services for Alviere clients, where required, using industry leading and complex transaction monitoring algorithms to detect and prevent potential money laundering and illicit activities.

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KYC & Identity Verification

We provide frictionless KYC and identity verification services for Alviere clients, where required, using industry leading non documentary and documentary verification methods that include biometrics, facial recognition and liveness.

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Alviere Excitement generates enthusiasm and brand awareness for your financial products by improving retention and increasing usage.

Marketing and Promotional Services
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Customer communications

Alviere provides a flexible and scalable platform to communicate with end customers, using Text messaging, Emails and even Push Notifications to mobile applications. All messages can be configured with support for multiple languages and geographies.

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Promotional Campaigns

The HIVE's comprehensive and configurable marketing promotions module, enables Alviere's clients to deploy a wide range of finance specific promotion marketing campaigns in real-time. Coupled with Alviere's card issuing module, this feature allows for the configuration of Loyalty, Cashbacks & Boost enhancement features.

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Mobility is at the heart of everything we do today. Alviere provides clients with the most advanced, and sophisticated framework for launching their own branded, payment app via a proven white label payment app and mobility SDKs.

Mobile Apps Services
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Mobile SDKs

Alviere provides SDKs for many of its services, such as Payment Processing, PCI-compliant Card capture and Identity Management, handling encryption and communications to Alviere’s backend and providing a secure and scalable framework for a rapid time-to-market implantation.

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iOS & Android Mobile Apps

Alviere supports a white label of its mobile payment apps that can be easily customized by customers, to provide a rapid time-to-market payment for any company to establish a strong mobile presence. White label mobile apps support all Alviere services, with a strong focus on security and usability that are critical to drive consumer adoption.

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Alviere is PCI-DSS Level 1, SOC 1 and SOC 2 certified. Our platform has been tested under the most stringent standards of the AICPA and the Payment Card Industry Security Council to provide our clients and end users the most reliable, safe and secure solution available in the market today.

Alviere’s Certification

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